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AF MARS Region 8

Help Needed

(updates to AFA8CH)

Page last updated: 23 October 2003

Advise AFA8DE if you like to help

1. Region 8 RMD/SMD

Region 8 RMD/SMD contact Dennis Ph (808) 479-5398 or email:

2. Repeater Site

John, NNN0ARK advises Navy MARS is in need of a repeater site. Please advise John if you can help. Contact information for John is available in the private area, Tri-Service list.

3. PACTOR Net Control 8S1, Thursday, 1900 WHISKEY

AFA8DP reports that he no longer has HF capability. A 8S1 PACTOR net control volunteer is necessary now. The PACTOR net is a very important to Region 8 as PACTOR offers an error free mode of passing textual traffic. If you're interested in providing the best service for passing text traffic, this is for you.

4. PSK-31 net control

The PSK-31 net is still in it's planning stage. We'll need a netcontrol for this very important weak signal digital mode.

5. Training Manager

Region 8 is in need of a Training Manager. Duties to include developing a training program for all Region 8 AF MARS persons. Subjects to include HF/VHF radio network operations, dissemination of emergency communication plans and keeping Region 8 AF MARS persons informed of updated procedures.

6. Website developer

There's a lot of work to be done on our webpages. AFA8CH will have to depart one day. If you're interested in developing html and related Internet publishing methods, you should give this a try.

7. Additional Netcontrols for 2 Meter Simplex net

The island of Oahu has some unique challenges for local communications. While we have the best repeater on the island, we should plan to be able to communicate without the repeater should an emergency occur. With our terrain and "intermod" problems, the only solution appears to have local net controls to cover small areas. Contribute to making the best communication network, be a netconrol for an area of Oahu.

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