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Region 8 News

(updates to AFA8CH)

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20 December 2003

Congratulations to AFA8VB/Pete for adding TRANSCON PACTOR capability. His station is now the Region 8 Message Center. A message was sent by AFN3AT, the National Digital Manager to all USAF MARS members. Well done!.

16 December 2003

AFA8CH, Cal will serve as RMD/SMD after 01 January 2004. AFT8DC Delwyn is the ECOM Manager designee and will take the position once trained. Both assignments have met with the approval of Chief AF MARS Mr. Collins per Email dated 15 December 2003.

08 December 2003

Effective 31 Dec 03, AFA8YD, Dennis Yee, will resign as both RMD and SMD for Region 8 Air Force MARS. Any Region 8 Air Force MARS members interested in filling these positions can contact Dennis directly @ (808) 479-5398 or via email at

06 November 2003

AFA8YD, Region 8 RMD/SMD, has appointed AFA8CH as the ECOM Manager for Region 8.

05 November 2003

The second AF MARS Region 8 PSK-31 net was attempted on Tuesday 04 November 2003. A new station was heard, AFT8DC/Delwyn. I'm sure everyone will welcome AFT8DC to AF MARS. AFT8DC reports that he heard AFA8AM and AFA8SU on the PSK-31 net. Unfortunately, AFT8DC reports that net control station AFA8YD was unable to attend the net due to antenna problems.

31 October 2003

The first AF MARS Region 8 PSK31 net was held on 28 Oct with AFA8YD acting as net control. Unfortunately, AFA8YD experienced some antenna problems and was unreadable by most stations. The good news is that most of the other stations could hear each other very well and AFA8YD was receiving all other stations as well. Stand by for the next PSK31 net on 4 Nov after AFA8YD troubleshoots some antenna problems. Thx for all the support.

30 October 2003

Correction: AFA8DP still maintains his HF capability. AFA8DP reports that his HF station should remain active until Thanksgiving week, week of 24 November. News entry for 20 October has been removed.

The PSK-31 8S1 net was held on 28 October. AFA8CH heard AFA8AM, AFA8DP, AFA8SU. Lots of work still needs to be accomplished with this new net.

24 October 2003

The first 8S1 PSK-31 net to be held next Tuesday 08:00 PM. AFA8YD will be the net control.

23 October 2003

The Hawaii Navy Net information has been added. See the private area for net information. Link to Hawaii Navy MARS added to main webpage.

17 October 2003

ABM6JF reports that HF CHIEFSNET net control ABM6MK is unable to come up on the net due to blood poisoning. ABM6MK will be resting for 2 to 3 weeks. We all hope he'll recover much sooner. To check into the HF CHIEFSNET, call ABM6JF until further notice.

15 October 2003

AFA8DE reports approval for PSK-31 has been given by AF State MARS director. A volunteer is sought to be net control for a new net using the PSK-31 mode. Tentative idea is to hold this net after the 8S1 PACTOR net on Thursdays, 0800 WHISKEY.

AFA8CH will be taking over website duties.

11 October 2003

There has been numerous difficulties with the 8H002 (2 meter simplex) net. With the current stations checking into the net, it is planned to have stations in the downtown/Waikiki/Makiki areas check in at the normal time of 1930 WHISKEY Sunday. Other stations are requested to come up 15 minutes earlier, at 1915 WHISKEY Sunday and contact AFA8DE for relay. Stations who have not been able to participate and would like to are requested to contact AFA8DE and express their interest.

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