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Region 8 News

(updates to AFA8CH)

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14 Feburary 2004

Sac AFA8SU has advised he is stepping down as Net Control for the 8S1 net. We need Net Control Stations for the 8S1 / 8HI03 and 8S2 nets. The 8S3 net is in question as there hasn't been any activity and there has never been a Net Control Station. We have lots of work to be done. Please contact AFA8CH if you can provide any assistance.

04 Feburary 2004

Sac AFA8SU has moved the 8S1 training net to the AF Repeater 1 due to continuing difficulties with the 8S1 net on PCJ-1.

Cal AFA8CH has sent a Region 8 RMD/SMD report for Region 8 to Chief AF MARS and the other Regional Directors. This report will be forwarded to Region 8 members shortly.

16 January 2004

Ray AFA8DE reports that Don ABM6DO and Gary ABM6GK were on the PACTOR net Thursday 01/16/04 WHISKEY (01/17/04 Zulu). Unfortunately there was no Net Control and no AF MARS members on. We still need Net Controls for the PACTOR and PSK-31 nets. Ray AFA8DE is also reporting that Sac AFA8SU and Pete AFA8VB are working on getting a gateway started between VHF Packet and HF PACTOR. Ray AFA8DE has suggested that if anyone is having trouble with accessing the private webpages, you can have your web browser program save the password so you won't have to type it each time. If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, Content Tab, AutoComplete button, Select (click on) User name and passwords on forms radio button.

There's a lot of work to be done if we're to have a viable communications network. If you like to participate, please send me a Email. Cal AFA8CH / AFF8C.

10 January 2004

It's a new year, you've got me, the web master and manager of the websites as the Region 8 RMD in addition to being the SMD. That will be Cal, AFA8CH. Also you have Pete, AFA8VB as the Regional Data Manager and Ray as the Regional VHF Manager. Harold AFA8HB is the ROAM. Look for the associated official callsigns, AFF8C, AFF8K, AFF8V and AFF8O. Special thanks goes out to Dennis AFA8YD who has been the previous Region 8 RMD/SMD.

We have four members in training status. Chis AFT8CC, Delwyn AFT8DC, Tom AFT8TS and Bill AFT8WK. Please give them a warm welcome when you hear them on the local nets and give them what ever help you can.

Region 8 is progressing. We are being noticed on the TRANSCON nets and are being asked to participate with even more stations. Pete AFA8VB has a PACTOR Airmail link into the TRANSCON digital network. We're working on getting a local gateway station up for local traffic into the TRANSCON network. I understand Sac AFA8SU is looking into establishing a PACKET station for a gateway. This is in addition to AFA8SU net control duties on the 8S1 net.

I'm looking into establishing additional nets. We have lots of frequencies that are not being used. We should be able to communicate with each other in the event our repeater goes down. I'd like some feedback on what times and frequencies that would good for another net.

Please feel free to contact me on what ever concerns you may have with AF MARS. My Email address is on the private webpages along with all Region 8 AF MARS members.

73 - Cal AFF8CH / AFF8C

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