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AC6V DX3 and Ham Radio Ham Call Lookup/QRZ .com
K1DWU Ham Radio Links Ham Call Lookup/Buckmaster
K4UTE Ham Radio Web Page Hawaii VHF Repeater Frequencies
Ham Links Galore ( Hawaii KH6 QSL information
HAM LINKS (indexed)Web Site ARRL Pacific
PSK31 Software ARRL BAND PLan-Frequencies
PacketRadio (PSK31) QRP World
MFSK16 MultipleFrequencyShiftKeying DX Callbooks
PODXS 070 Club PSK31 QSL Cards via internet
PSK Dave G3VFP DX Monitor Features
PSK Pgm Amateur Radio World-Wide
Internet Radio Link Project Pictures of Things
Ham Radio WX Information Propagation Data
Current Solar Flux Numbers 27 Day Forecast Best of the Web Search
Solar Activity Graph Small Wonder Labs (kits)
Solar Information Misawa AFB
Hawaii Weather Forecasts Okinawa (Kadena Air Base)
Hawaii Weather link. Starved Rock Radio Club
Weather Doppler Radar Images Amateur Radio NewsLine
Amateur Radio World Wide NW7US  Sonic Boom Picture 

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