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AF MARS 8S1 Voice

The 8S1 Voice net, or rather just 8S1 during net operation, is the main AF MARS Region 8 net. Typically, Sac/AFA8SU is net control with Ray/AFA8DE as alternate net control. This is a formal net. Stations should always communicate with net control. Give net control callsign then your callsign at start and end of transmission. During the formal portion of the net, do not contract any station other then net control. Should you need to contact another station other then net control, obtain net control permission prior to sending to another station. Only after obtaining net conrol permission, can you send another station callsign (other then net control) at the begining and end of a transmission. It is important to remember that the net control station has full control of the net operations. You should observe proper net disipline during the formal portion of this net.

An informal net operation may be declared by net control. At this time, stations may contact one another without obtaining net control permission. Remember that the net is still in operation, you should remain alert for any calling station until the net is closed by net control. Should you wish to leave the net, obtain net control permission to secure.

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